Date: 2012
Background: This project was part of a course in prototyping where we practiced our skills in creating visual mockups and prototypes. We worked in both clay, foam and white cardboard. This particular mockup was created in foam and wood, in an assignment where we were supposed to design a hand held vacuum.

I wanted to create a vacuum for luxury yachts, since I felt that it would be outside of my comfort zone. I found the yacht manufacturer WALLY, which had very clean and interesting designs. The final design features a slim body painted in a silver metallic finish and a smooth wooden handle. I tried to apply WALLYs use of sharp edges mixed with smooth bending curves. Underneath is a dust collector which extends as it fills up. To go with the vacuum, I also designed a wall mount onto which the vacuum can be fixed magnetically. The dust is then emptied into the wall mount which is connected to a central vacuum system.