Date: 2010
Background: Clogs oh clogs, where have you gone? The classic Swedish wooden slipon shoe who all the great farmers (or more like everyone who lived in the countryside here in Sweden) wore when they went to the outhouse, the mailbox or sometimes even as far as to the Saturday night dance. Back in 2010, I asked myself, why don't more people wear them these days? Why aren't clogs hip anymore? And no, crocs doesn't count, they are as ugly as it gets. Maybe I should try to make them hip again, now that'd be a challenge!

I brainstormed with myself for a while and pretty quick I came up with the idea of simply gluing a Converse patch onto a pair of ordinary clogs. Not because I'm especially fond of Converse shoes, but no matter what you think of them, you can't argue about their popularity, and their status at the moment. After jotting down a few sketches I decided on making a pair of authentic looking (or as close as I could manage) Converse clogs, in the same style as the iconic Chuck Taylor High Top.

So how did they turn out? Well, I'm quite pleased overall, although there are a few places where I would've liked to improve them a bit, and mainly I'd like to dirty 'em up a bit, because Chucks looks best dirty IMO. And yes, I know the logo patch is on the outside, not the inside as they should be, problem was they were too big to make a nice fit on the inside. I wore these one day to school and I have to say that THEY ARE LOUD, clippety-cloppety... I got some interesting faces looking at my feet, and a few crossed ones as well. Oh if you don't get that last poster, google 'get chucked'.